Words Worth Singing – A Concert – May 17, 2013

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An evening of the music of 4 talented lyricists, featuring a 20-30 minute set of music by Jeffrey Paul Bobrick! This series was created to feature emerging and established lyricists.

This event is funded by a grant and is being presented by Medicine Show Theatre. “The works are chosen to delight the mind, honor creativity, confound empty convention, encourage active compassion and present the many facets of the American experience within a global community.”

When: Friday, May 17th, 2013, 8pm
Where: Medicine Show Theatre, 549 W 52nd Street – 3rd floor, New York, NY
Price: $10
All ages!

“Words Worth Singing” Showcase

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The music of Jeffrey Paul Bobrick has been selected for the Medicine Show Theatre Company’s “Words Worth Singing” series. This series was created to feature emerging and established lyricists.

The works are chosen to delight the mind, honor creativity, confound empty convention, encourage active compassion and present the many facets of the American experience within a global community.

JPB is very excited to have been selected and will be performing at the Medicine Show Theatre Company in May or June. Sign onto email list to get news about Jeffrey’s performances and receive a free song.

JPB Joins with Lifebeat’s Hearts and Voices

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Lifebeat’s Hearts & Voices Progam is an on-going live performance series for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Every year Hearts & Voices produces an average of 250 concerts, bringing the gift of live music to thousands of people at numerous facilities throughout New York City and Washington, DC including hospitals, residential facilities and day treatment centers. Every week, talented musicians from all musical genres volunteer their time and talent to entertain the most appreciative of audiences.

Many people living with the HIV/AIDS routinely spend time in facilities that can serve their health needs. Most people in these facilities are not able to go out to enjoy live music and entertainment, so Hearts & Voices brings the beat of the city to them.

Jeffrey Paul Bobrick is honored to be a Heart and Voices Artist. “I’ve always belived that all human beings have gifts that we can share to improve the lives of others,” says Jeffrey. “I’ve been very fortunate in life and it’s important that I pass that on. For me, one of the things I can give is music. I’m so happy and joyful to be working with this great organization to share the gift of song with those who could use it most.”

Hearts & Voices continuously seeks to adapt to the changing needs of the HIV/AIDS community by tailoring live performances to meet the desires of patients and residents. The Hearts & Voices artist roster is diverse, and always expanding. Celebrity performers who have participated include Destiny’s Child, LL Cool J, Stanley Jordan, Jewel, Ethan Hawke, Jon Secada and Floetry, among others.

“… some days I can barely get out of bed, but I know that I have to fight this thing… music helps a great deal, we can sing along, and it makes us feel like we are still a part of society.”

– Carol, patient

“Music is a form of contact to another person (expressing) your feelings. But it’s not done verbally, it’s done through the soul.”

– T. J., patient

To learn more, go to www.lifebeat.org

“It’s Chanukah!” Receives 30,000 Views on YouTube in Two Weeks!!

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Thank you so much for helping “It’s Chanukah!” get more than 30,000 views on youtube in two weeks!

Here are some of my favorite comments from fans on youtube:

  • “I love Santa with the air guitar. Great video and song.”
  • “This was so cool! Really awesome song AND video ❤ Have been waiting for this since last christmas 🙂 Really happy it turned out so great ;)”
  • “omg! I love this song soo much! :3”
  • “Very cute! Donald Faison tweeted that this was catchy, and he’s right.”
  • “I LOVE THIS! and I’m not even Jewish! Very funny!”

I’m very grateful to all my friends and fans for their support of the fun holiday song and music video. Thank you so much! Let’s get to 100,000 next year!!!

Happy Holidays and here’s to an amazing 2013!

It’s Chanukah!! NEW single – NOW AVAILABLE!

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I am sooooooo excited. After months of work we are releasing "It’s Chanukah!" an original Chanukah song and new holiday classic. This project was funded by YOU, my fans, via kickstarter. In addition to the single and EP, which is now available on itunes and my store, there is the "It’s Chanukah!" music video. We also have a web site, where you can get the single for free (although, if you are already on my email list, you can also get the song for free). That web site is: www.ItsChanukah.com. Take look at the music video, directed by Evan Savitt. You’ll love it! You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy this song. It is for everybody!

FACEBOOK the video! http://on.fb.me/VSZe4u TWEET the video! http://clicktotweet.com/dUhtb "Its Chanukah!" EP, with 4 versions of the single, is avilable at my store or on iTunes at: www.itunes.com/jeffreypaulbobrick It's Chanukah! - EP - Jeffrey Paul Bobrick

Thanks for your support! Happy Holidays! Enjoy the music video!



New Photo: JPB in the Studio

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Jeffrey is back in the studio working on “It’s Chanukah!” His original holiday song will be released in late November 20012. Here’s a picture from the recording session!

JPB in the studio recording "It's Chanukah!"

Jeffrey Paul Bobrick is Musical Guest at the Soul Glow Project – Saturday, October 27 at 11:59pm

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Join Keisha Zollar as she hosts the Soul Glo Project, a comedy variety show featuring a diverse cast of performers bringing to the stage the very best stand up, sketch, improv, video, dance, and music. Just let your SOUL GLO!

This show features MUSIC by Jeffrey Paul Bobrick, SKETCH by Jenice Mathias, IMPROV by Paperclip Rockets (Jennifer Bechem, Aisha Carter, Jed Oldenberg), STANDUP by Chris Lamberth, and the CO-HOSTING stylings of Anna Suzuki!

$5 Tickets Here: http://east.ucbtheatre.com/shows/view/2434


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The following picture, along with other images, is now in the pic section of the web site. This shot was taken during JPB’s live performance at the “PERFORMANCE FOR AWARENESS: CHILDREN IN CRISIS ” at Washingon Square Park in New York City.
JPB Live at "Performance for Awareness: Children In Crisis"

Photo: Lucy Kalantari

Jeffrey joins “PERFORMANCE FOR AWARENESS: CHILDREN IN CRISIS” in NYC on Saturday, July 14, 2012

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On Saturday, July 14, 2012 from 10am to 4pm, a group of energetic and eclectic performers will convene at the Holley Plaza section of Washington Square Park (located near W 4th St. and Thompson) in New York City.

Poets, singer-songwriters and dancers will convene and showcase their talent as they help raise money for the fundraiser entitled: PERFORMANCE FOR AWARENESS: CHILDREN IN CRISIS. This show is designed to raise both money and awareness regarding the plight of children in Africa whose lives are torn apart by war, poverty and disease.

Surrounding the stage will be tables collecting donations for three different organizations: UNICEF, INVISIBLE CIHLDREN and GROUNDWATER GO. Each table will also have volunteers with flyers distributing information about both the situation overseas and the organizations that are advocating for their cause. Items (such as CDs, books, etc.) will also be offered in exchange for donations.

The website for this event is located at: http://www.childrencrisis.wordpress.com

The schedule is as follows:

10:30AM Helene Fitzpatrick (performance art)

11:00AM Madly Loved (poetry)

11:30AM Molly Phelps (modern dance)

12:00PM Andrew Saliba (acoustic)

12:30PM Kelsie.Janel (neo soul)

1:00PM Jeffrey Paul Bobrick (acoustic / indie / pop)

1:30PM Inky Glass (blues / folk / poetry)

2:00PM dawn zahra (poetry / indie)

2:30PM LE Sphinx X (electro)

3:00PM Luciar (indie / acoustic)

San Deigo House Concert – 5/14/12

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Thank you to everyone who attended the house concert tonight. Look at this beautiful audience in a pic we took after the show (I’m smiling near the center, behind the little girl)!!!